Morten Forland | Taco Night
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Taco Night

About This Project

Taco Night is a short comedy about a young woman with an annoying song stuck in her head, a giant dog and potentially tacos. Directed by Morten Forland, written by Jordan Pedersen, shot by Vincent Valentin.

I was approached by Jordan and editor Chris Willett about collaborating on a short film, and after a few initial meetings we went into pre-production in Spring 2017. The film was shot on location in Echo Park and on the stages at Loyola Marymount University. This marked my first time working with animals, and the gentle giant Molly was an absolute pleasure to have on set, although we did need to have some extra hands stand by to mop up her slobber.



Morten Forland


Jordan Pedersen

Director of Photography:

Narrative, Short film