Morten Forland | Kyloki


About This Project

2016’s longest running project for me was the six episode long first season of Kyloki. I directed all six episodes as well as executive produced the series and edited the first two episodes.┬áKYLOKI tells the comedic misadventures of three dysfunctional guys who must learn to live together as roommates, which is no easy task when two of them are infamous super villains.

Working with pre-existing characters was a lot of fun, and the┬áchallenge of shooting the entire season using only the guys’ apartment as our location was great, because it forced our characters to constantly be in each other’s faces which again led to a lot of comedic situations.

Kyloki was produced by Leisure Elk and written by Jordan Henry and Arielle Waldman. I was also fortunate enough to bring on the Vincent Valentin and his talented camera team to shoot the series. We had so much great talent both in front of and behind the camera, and were able to do this project very bare bones without sacrificing quality.

Digital, Narrative, Series
director, editor